Leo Mata

Technical Leader, Architect, and Director in Costa Rica

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My 15+ year tech career has been entirely focused on operations and software development, and I’ve maintained my hands-on abilities as my responsibilities have transitioned to leadership roles.

My prior work includes five years at Backcountry.com, three years as Director of Technical Operations for Grindr and a one-year consulting stint as the sole DevOps resource for e-commerce department for Skullcandy among a few other positions in various software development and operations.

My main set of skills are adaptability, persistence, and willingness to learn, with a holistic approach to problem-solving. I've had the opportunity to work in diverse environments that have ranged from fast-paced and high-growth to risk-averse leaders, and I’ve enjoyed multi-cultural settings.

I take great pride in my abilities as a technologist, but I also value being a husband, father and a son to strong women who continue to shape my world.

At my core, I believe in working hard, being fair, taking ownership for my work (especially when things don't go to plan), and being a decent human to those around me. I believe in open disagreement and wholehearted commitment once a decision has been made, and I value collaboration and open communication. Most of all, I believe in learning and self-improvement

My instinct is to lead by example but also think of myself as a servant leader, putting the principles and values of the organization in practice and helping others do the same. I wouldn't ask anything from my team I was not willing or actively doing myself.

To this day I have been on-call for all my teams and have proven my willingness to independently resolve and/or quarterback incidents as needed, and I'm also comfortable asking for help when needed.

I find myself always caring for my coworkers on a professional and personal level in order to cultivate meaningful and honest relationships. My goal is to support my team with an overarching goal is to provide a good work-life balance, so prioritization of incident prevention work via either technology or process is paramount to ensuring on-call teams are not battered by recurring incidents.

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